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      English 中文版Welcome To Huangshi Tongda Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.!
      Key words: PVC doors and windows profile mould Co-extrusion embossing mould
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         Huangshi Tongda Plastic Mould CO., Ltd., registered in china in 2011. With short time, we managed to create a team of professional technicians, engineers and technologists. Thus we quickly became popular among plastic mould traders and PVC products buyers. 

         Headquartered in Huangshi, China, Tongda operates in more than 50 cities, with over more than a decade of manufacturing experience our company takes pride in consistently fulfilling its commitment to customers and investors. Our mould as well as PVC products are produced with the utmost attention to customer needs, in order to provide welfare, comfort and security.

         We took the lead in using numerical control equipments. Now the whole company has over 50 set of this kind of facilities, 2 sets of extrusion mould equipments for texting and adjusting, Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, CNC milling machine, numerical control radial miller, CNC Precision Grinding, computer-controlled extruder, High-speed small hole EDM machine, Precision EDM, and Universal milling machine, what’s more, in order to provide first-class quality for a fair price to customers, our company imported 2 sets of WED-LS, these 2 machines guarantee the precision, reduce the workload and significantly improve the work efficiency. In this way, from the production and processing, our company can effectively avoid mistakes and provide excellent products. With all of these advanced devices, our company has become more competitive than other counterparts.

         At Tongda, much attention was paid to the quality of products. Each batch of raw materials undergoes strictly control. Its suppliers, specific gravity, weights and model type are measured. Monitoring of the products quality is also carried out while processing.

         Using decades’ experience in this industry and the recent technological achievements, seven series of profiles were developed: PVC extrusion series, Co-extrusion series, Embossing series, Door panel series, Wood panel series, Rain gutter series, and Multiple-cavity co-extrusion series. These achievements are not what we seek. It is only the chance for us to do more,therefore, we developed PVC products: Mullion, Panel, Frame, Window, Corner, Wire, and Bead.

         While developing business opportunities in China, Huangshi Tongda also attaches importance to supporting the communities in which it operates; these activities include protecting environment, the safety of employees and their families and donating money to the areas that suffered earthquake.

         The next step of Tongda in the development is to start business in oversea countries.


       Our Commitments

          Operate to the highest safety standards.

          Minimize the environment impact of our operations.

          Practice and uphold the highest ethical standards.

          Positively impact communities wherever we operate

          Constantly improve the energy and material efficiency of our operations.

          Invest in the well-being and development of our employees.

          Ensure the long-term financial viability of the company.

          Be transparent and accountable by measuring and reporting both financial and nonfinancial performance.


      Our Strategies

         To deliver on these commitments, we prioritize issues, and establish followed actions.

         Maximize the value of the assets;

         Identify and pursue new opportunities to provide products to China and aboard, primarily targeted the plastic mould.

         Leverage our capabilities and knowledge sharing opportunities.

         Develop skilled and motivated people to realize this growth.


       Core value

        To be recognized as the leading mould company not only in China but also in aboard through our performance,our independent innovation capacity,  and our people.

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